Roche Diagnostics

Insulin Pump

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With limited screen real estate and a palette of only 256 color, the layout and graphics of the GUI demanded a lot of attention and precision. My focus in this project was to create graphics, menu maps, interaction design, as well as specifications, icons and assets for implementation. Throughout the process we conducted a number of interviews with diabetics to gain a better understanding of the implications of living with diabetes.

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Working with the 227 icons for the devices was a great challenge since they were to be clearly visible on both dark and light background without using any transparency channel for the edges.

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Some quotes from user reviews:

"The pump is quite small, rounded and comfortable to wear and sleep in. The buttons and menus on the pump are also easy to navigate."

"…it is small and looks a bit more sleek and modern than the others I was offered."

"Remote control/meter/bolus calculator handset is easy to navigate"


A selected list of projects and design work. Many recent projects are not displayed since they are still confidential. All graphic design made by me unless stated otherwise.

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